Connected Kids



Adie Shub from Cape Town is a Body/Mind Intuitive, Lymphologist, restoring energetic balance, massage therapist, reflexologist and wellness coach.

Adie has been practicing as a Body/Mind Intuitive for over three decades, assisting individuals in clearing blocked emotions and cellular holding patterns held within the physical body.

She teaches tools on how to manage one’s emotions and how to work constructively with the power of the mind to help reduce and heal both physical and emotional pain.

Adie’s passion is to teach Emotional Intelligence tools to both parents and children so that they can work as a team rather than in isolation. She understands that parents have not been exposed to EQ tools which are vital in for us to be role models to develop well balanced beautiful children.


Karen Ray Cohen from Cape Town is a life Coach, Connected Kids Partner, Well-being Counseller, Mental health Trainer and Facilitator.

Karen has a passion for understanding how an individual can achieve meaning and purpose while working towards their goals in life.

Her fascination for educational environments, multiple intelligences and personalised learning has resulted in her own personal and academic learning journey, spanning over 30 years. She has a BA Academic honors Psych, BA Psych, a Diploma in Communication Counselling & Coaching specialisation, is a Colour therapist and has many other qualifications showing a diversity of character.

She brings to Connected kids a wealth of knowledge in emotional intelligence, psychological health and well-being. Empowering and developing connections between kids, teens/adolescents, moms, dads and families: Skills and tools include; communication, mindfulness; conflict management, art and colour expression; values, empathy and emotional awareness of self and others.

She uses a solution focused growth mindset methodology to ignite Grit which is purpose, passion and perseverance for long term goals.



Cape Town, South Africa


Adie Shub (082) 940 6478
Karen Cohen (082) 295 8490