Connected Kids

Connected Kids offers EQ workshops and individual sessions to empower kids / teens & Parents. Our goal is to create awareness, mindfulness, build self-esteem, manage anxiety and anger. using tools and much more.

Recently Adie and Karen have noticed a worrying trend. Increasingly, children are referred to them suffering from isolation, lack of self-worth and are ill-equipped to express and manage their emotions. It is also being acknowledged that some of the increase in this trend can be attributed to the internet and social media. Connected Kids was developed in response. It helps children to cultivate self-awareness, identify emotions by giving them the tools to help them identify, express, and manage their feelings. Connected Kids’ approach offers practical, tried and tested tools and skills that enhance emotional intelligence, self-esteem and confidence, allowing your children to face the world and adapt to challenge.


To nurture wholeness through EQ awareness for kids, teens and parents


To create a transformative approach of empowering kids, teens and parents
to become emotionally & intellectually intelligent, confident, creative, and mindfully connected to self and others


Authenticity –  Mindfulness –  Connectedness



Cape Town, South Africa


Adie Shub (082) 940 6478
Karen Cohen (082) 295 8490